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Track and monitor a project, process, or initiative within Smartsheet. You will partner with a certified Smartsheet expert to build a standardized process from submitting new projects to managing them to completion. This solution also rolls up to a portfolio-level report.

Cost: $4,000

Typical Duration: 10 business days

What does the solution look like?

This solution includes:

  • One intake sheet with a user-friendly submission form.

  • Project Template:

    • Two sheets​ (examples: Project Plan, Project Expenses/Budget)

    • Three reports (examples: Overdue Tasks, Upcoming Tasks)

    • One summary dashboard

  • Portfolio Reporting

    • One summary report​

This solution does not include:

Upload /migration of existing data, time-tracking, and rolling metrics/reporting.


phases of delivery

what to expect.png

Project Timeline

Typical Duration: 10 business days

Planning for Success

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Here are what you can do to ensure project success.

Here's how to prepare for successful Smartsheet implementation:

  • Identify key resources - Identify your Approver, who. will approve. the solution design and process; and your Admin, who will maintain the solution after delivery. Agilize can serve as Admin. at an addditional cost.

  • Get aligned with goals - discuss the objective of the engagement internally and get buy-in from key players. Make sure your objective is aligned with business goals and priorities.

  • Gather information - Gather any information that is relevant to building the solution, including process workflows, documents, and templates.

  • Know your timelines - Know what tor timelines are and be prepared to discuss them. When we know  your anticipated deadlines and any factors that impact them, we can better plan for success.

Ready to get started? Book an intro call.

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