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Smartsheet Implementation Packages

Fixed-cost templates & implementation packages to suit your needs

Agilize offers a range of Smartsheet implementation packages to suit your needs, from basic start-up packages to more advanced options at a fixed cost. Each package will include a detailed instruction manual and access to our team of experts who will build your scalable solution.

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance* to ensure your solution stays in tip-top shape.

Here's how to prepare for successful Smartsheet implementation:

  • Identify key resources - Identify your Approver, who. will approve. the solution design and process; and your Admin, who will maintain the solution after delivery. Agilize can serve as Admin. at an addditional cost.

  • Get aligned with goals - discuss the objective of the engagement internally and get buy-in from key players. Make sure your objective is aligned with business goals and priorities.

  • Gather information - Gather any information that is relevant to building the solution, including process workflows, documents, and templates.

  • Know your timelines - Know what tor timelines are and be prepared to discuss them. When we know  your anticipated deadlines and any factors that impact them, we can better plan for success.


Get a quick-start to tracking tasks or requests. Solution includes 1 sheet and 2 reports.



Manage multiple workflows. Solution includes 8 sheets, 5 reports, and 2 dashboards.



Track and monitor a project, initiative, or process. Solution includes 1 sheet, 2 reports, and 1 dashboard.


Power 10

Add ten hours to an existing project build or toward building additional assets in Smartsheet. 



Manage multiple workflows. Solution includes 6 sheets, 5 reports, and 2 dashboards.


* Ongoing support and maintenance are available as an add-on service hourly or monthly. Contact us for further details.

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