Optimize your Smartsheet Experience with Sheet Summary

You've probably used Smartsheet’s Sheet Summary tab to summarize data on your sheet or maybe you haven't used it at all. Either way, the Sheet Summary feature is a great way to further optimize how you use Smartsheet; and this post will briefly cover four cool ways to do it.

What is the Sheet Summary anyway?

Sheet summary provides a standard location on a sheet to define, organize, and report on custom project, business, and summary level information.

Use #1: Summarize Sheet Data

This, of course, is the primary use of the Sheet Summary tab. You can summarize and view key data points without leaving your sheet. And, it’s a great way to stay on top of high-level metrics that may not be highlighted on a dashboard.

Use #2: Create Shortcuts

Have a central place for shortcuts to related Smartsheet items, documents, and websites for easy and quick navigation for daily tasks. It’s especially useful when creating templates to interconnect associated items.

Use #3: Build Formulas

Build formulas in your sheet that references Sheet Summary fields. You can easily view and update key data being used for calculations on the sheet. Additionally, if the data being used in calculations are the same across all rows, you can use Sheet Summary fields in lieu of columns.

Use #4: Interactive Data

This is in the same vein as building formulas, but this use case takes it a bit further. By referencing Sheet Summary fields in sheet formulas, you can give collaborators a way to dynamically interact with data; drilling down to specific data sets.

To see these use cases in action, check out the 4 Ways to Use Sheet Summary course on ImpressedBoss.com.

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