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I'm Engaged! Are You?

As you may know, Engage 2020 was virtual (and free) this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic; but that did not stop the fun, inspiration, and excitement Engage brings!

My absolute favorite part of the conference is the Keynote -where all of the new and exciting product enhancements and features are announced. Here are the announcements that I was most excited and inspired by:

#1: Column Formulas

This is first for a reason! Formula autofill is a feature that persists patterns of formatting or formulas when you add content to a sheet. Basically, it automatically adds formulas to new rows if the above or below rows have matching formulas.

If you've taken my Smartsheet course, you know that I leverage this feature in the form of "placeholder rows" to apply certain formulas to new rows. With Column Formulas, you can apply a formula at the column level so it eliminates the need for my placeholder row workaround.

#2: Report Grouping and Summary

Don't you wish you could have a grand total on that budget and expenses report? Well, the wait is over (kinda)! Starting in January 2021, you'll be able to group rows in reports and create formulas like SUM, AVG, MIN, and MAX to summarize report data.

#3: Document Builder

Yes, now you can generate PDF documents from sheet data! I've done a test drive on Document Builder and it's a breeze to set up and when a document is generated, it's attached right to the row. Keep in mind, you'll need to already have a fillable PDF document to upload for the initial set up on the sheet.

To learn more about these and other product announcements from Engage 2020, you can watch the On-Demand Keynote recording and read Gene Farrell's recap article.

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