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Power 10

Get 10 hours of dedicated time to partner with a certified Smartsheet expert to optimize your existing solutions or to help you build new Smartsheet assets.

Cost: $2,000

Ways you can use Power 10

  • Create a new sheet, report, or dashboard

  • Optimize an existing sheet, report, or dashboard

  • Create or optimize automation workflows

  • Training or guidance on best practices based on your needs

Things to consider

  • Power 10 is a time-restricted offering and is not based on deliverables.

  • Power 10 hours may not be applied to configurations or optimizations of Smartsheet Premium Apps or Integrations.

  • Be prepared with any related documentation to ensure time is maximized.

  • Your hours will expire; unused hours are non-refundable. All purchased hours must be used within 60 days after purchase. 

  • All work, including meetings, asset and automation development, improvements, reviews, email communication, and other administrative work, are billed against the package hours.

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